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Stickers that can glow? Not unusual. However, our EL stickers are soft, malleable, and UNIQUELY digitally printed.
EL panels that are currently available on the market have poor coverage, are mono-colored, the sheet size is fixed and they cannot be customized. Jaeger EL decals overcome ALL of these shortcomings. You can be as creative as you wish and make your decal designs as colorful as you wish.

Luminous ink combined with Digital printing allows much more colorful sticker patterns. Connecting a small power-pack light up the entire design at night. Bright and colorful luminous stickers are not only visually cool and dreamy, but can also increase visibility at night when used on bicycles, cars, trucks, boats, and as a sign, to name a few uses.

The uses to which Jaeger EL Decals can be put is only limited by the imagination.